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Flo Mask - Message from our CEO

Flo Mask - Message from our CEO

My newly minted kindergartener from earlier today. We did a trial run of all COVID safety protocols in preparation of next week!


Dear Flo Mask Family,

First, I'd like to thank all of you across the world for your support of Flo Mask. I know there are endless mask options available to choose from, so I am grateful that you have decided to entrust in Flo Mask for your child.

Similar to so many of you, my kids are also returning to school next week, the youngest starting kindergarten. I'm equally as nervous as you are. However, I take comfort knowing that I'm giving my three kids the best mask there is. This is also why I've taken the time to respond to every single email that I've received, sharing deep insight into our mask design methodology and our filtration capabilities.

In my previous email, I also mentioned that we were semi-finalists in the Biden Administration's mask challenge, hosted by BARDA/NIOSH. Well, I'm proud to announce that we ultimately were one of 10 winners in the competition. It's great validation of the intense two years my team of world class designers and I invested in order to make Flo Mask a reality. Our mission from day one was to "Build the world's best mask for kids, period." I think we've achieved that :)

But our job isn't done!

We're perfectionists (it's a curse, trust me). And we know Flo Mask has room for improvement.

#1 Condensation: Flo Mask does not have an exhaust valve, which has been banned from hospitals, airplanes, etc. As a result, condensation will build up over time. It happens because there's moisture in our breath, yet there is nowhere for it to escape. After many various prototypes to solving this problem, I today approved the production of a foam insert that we've been testing for the past month and has proven to perform very well. We're pushing hard to make this insert available on our web store within the next couple of months.

#2 Top Strap: Kids heads come in all shapes, texture, oiliness, and lengths. The silicone backing on our strap performs well for most kids, but for some, it's a bit more challenging. We're in the process of prototyping a halo style top strap that can be positioned on the crown of a child's head. Please note we're still in the early stages of prototyping, so it may take us some time solve this problem, targeting by end of year.

#3 Adult Mask: We've had a lot of inquiry for an adult Flo Mask. It's evident COVID-19 is here to stay, and we've already spent the past several months laying the foundation of our adult mask. We have over 100 adult 3D scans and believe we can develop a 2-size-fits-all design. Ambitious, yes. Impossible, no. Our medium-large mask shape is complete, so we're now focused on solving the more challenging size of small-medium. We're planning to spend the rest of the year prototyping and testing our designs to ensure they live up to the Flo Mask brand. If all is well, the adult masks will be available early next year. I can't wait for you to experience a truly breathable mask unlike any others out there. 

Once again, I'd like to thank you for all your support! Best wishes to a safe and fun new school year!

Kevin Ngo

P.S. Please continue to send me your heartfelt emails of how Flo Mask is helping your kids and family. Each one continues to inspire our team and keeps us motivated on our mission.

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