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Flo Mask - Condensation Inserts & Straps...finally here!!!

Flo Mask - Condensation Inserts & Straps...finally here!!!


Flo Mask Parents,

Congrats, you all survived back to school!

We've received a huge amount of emails from everyone, including those with little ones (to not so little ones) nibbling or taking a bite out of the silicone gasket. Even my 5 year old decided after nearly a year of using her Flo Mask, she couldn't resist becoming a Baby Shark. The great news is that we were able to resolve each request in a timely manner, keeping your children safe with Flo Mask.

As promised in our last email, we finally have our condensation foam inserts now available for purchase. This is a game changer as your child can wear Flo Mask all day with little to zero moisture pooling up. And the long awaited replacement straps are also here too.

A few comments on these new products:

1. From today on, each new Flo Mask will include one condensation insert. 

2. We were delayed in getting the inserts here because we were awaiting independent lab results to ensure the foam is non-toxic, which it is. As always, we're going the extra mile for our most precious ones.

3. Our premium Flo Mask elastic straps were specifically selected because we had performed 10,000 cycle tests on them. But as you may have experienced, even high quality elastic can struggle against intense UV rays, sweat, heat, sunscreen oils, and daily wear and tear.

Lastly, we put together this short video tutorial demonstrating how to use and replace these new parts.

As always, we're here if you ever have any questions or concerns:

Thank you for all your support.


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