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Flo Mask - Filters Are Here!

Flo Mask - Filters Are Here!

It's Coming Together

Our Filters Have Arrived!

Thank you all for your support thus far! Our 2 year journey to building the world's best mask for kids is nearly ready to ship.

Our warehouse just received 100,000 units of filters made here in the USA. We chatted with the Study Director from Nelson Labs yesterday and he was incredibly impressed with our test reports: >99.8% virus filtration capability while maintaining such a high rate of air flow. These two attributes are typically opposing forces, except for ours.

We have a limited number of Flo Mask units en route to arrive next week. The only thing missing is our packaging, which will arrive after Thanksgiving :(

Therefore, we'll begin to pack and ship your orders early December. Trust that we're doing everything to expedite the process as we want to assist in keeping your kids safe during these unprecedented times.

In the meantime, we would appreciate you spreading the word about Flo Mask to your friends and family. All details are on our website:

Thank you for all your support!

Kevin Ngo

Inventor of Flo Mask

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